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Patient Information
Practitioner Information

Patient Information

What is Medikal.ch ?

Medikal.ch is an electronic online calendar, shared in real-time between healthcare professionals and their patients. In order to book an appointment with his/her doctor, a patient not only can call but also visit Medikal.ch to set the date and time of their next consultation in a confidential and secure way. 

Medikal.ch contains no ads. It is financed exclusively through revenue from subscriptions.

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How do I handle emergency cases with Medikal.ch ?

Medikal.ch is designed for online booking in general at least 24h before the visit to a doctor. In case of emergency, patients should contact their doctor by phone or call emergency services.

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Practitioner Information

Does Medikal.ch replace the phone ?

No, for patients Medikal.ch is complementary to the phone. It allows them to set an appointment for a consultation with their doctor, wherever they want and when they want.

For a medical practice, Medikal.ch is a invaluable asset as it allows to keep all appointments in the same place: a single online calendar, which helps to avoid duplication and misunderstandings. Appointments can also be made over the phone and noted in the Medikal.ch calendar.

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Whom is Medikal.ch dedicated to ?

- To healthcare professionals who manage their calendar, such as : doctors and their assistants, dentists, group practices, radiology centres, clinics and hospitals, home care nurse, etc.

- To those who need to book an appointment with a health professional : patients, pharmaceutical sales reps, etc.

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I use a paper planner or EHR software that already has a calendar function. Is it easy to switch to Medikal.ch ?

Yes, you decide when you would like to start using Medikal.ch online calendar and then transfer all your future appointments from your paper diary to Medikal.ch.

If you are using a EHR software and would like to benefit from Medikal.ch, please contact us directly for detailed information regarding the interface between Medikal.ch and your software.

We have released interfaces to automatically synchronize the two systems so that you can continue using your usual software whilst enjoying the benefits of Medikal.ch.

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How can I let my patients know that my practice offers online booking with Medikal.ch ?

Once you start operating Medikal.ch, it is important to inform your patients accordingly. There are several possible ways, such as :
- Insert a "Book" button on your website
- Post a link on various directories (such as "local.ch", etc)
- Give out memo cards to your patients (Please contact us for more information)
- Display the information in your waiting room
- Email it to all your patients
- Announce it in your greeting (answering machine)

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I have a website. Will my patients be able to make appointments directly from my site?

Yes, we can give you a direct link to your Medikal.ch calendar so that your patients can book an appointment from your website.

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Do I have to install any software to use Medikal.ch ?

No, Medikal.ch is Saas based (Software as a Service). You just need an Internet access and a web browser.
We take care of the software updates and data security. Therefore, you can access your Medikal.ch calendar from any connected computer.

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Can several people use my calendar at the same time?

Yes, Medikal.ch is designed for multiple access. Patients, doctors and assistants can all be connected simultaneously. Updates are reflected in real time which avoids confusion and duplicates.

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What if the Internet access becomes unavailable ?

Medikal.ch lets you create a backup of all your appointments for offline access as well as synchronization with some third party calendars (included in EHRs).
In case of Internet downtime in your office, we recommend to use a 3G/4G key (or a smartphone internet sharing feature) for access to mobile Internet.
If your computer fails, you can access Medikal.ch from any other computer connected to the Internet.

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What happens if two people make an appointment on Medikal.ch at the same time for the same timeslot ?

If two people book an appointment on Medikal.ch for the exactly same timeslot at the same time, the first one validating the appointment blocks the timeslot, making it unavailable to others.

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Do my patients see my availabilities and attendance at my office ?

Your patients see only availabilities that you have opened for them (and that haven't been booked yet).
All other timeslots are greyed out. This makes it impossible for your patients to know the names of other patients, or attendance at your practice as you create availabilities as you deem necessary.

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How can my patients be notified of their appointments ?

As soon as an appointment is made, regardless of the person who created it in the calendar (physician, assistant or a patient), as long as email and mobile number are filled in, the patient receives a confirmation email and a reminder by SMS one day before the appointment time.

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How can I control the duration of appointments created online by my patients ?

Very simply, while you configure your calendar, you create consultation types and their corresponding duration. For example : general consultation, 20mn.
Depending on the consultation type selected by your patients, its duration is therefore allocated automatically. You may also define other consultation types and their corresponding duration, for internal use only (not visible by patients).

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How can I make sure that people are not making fake appointments ?

In order to access your calendar patients should first identify themselves by filling in a registration form upon their first visit. In addition to this, you can set the maximum number of consultations per patient as well as timeslots allocated to online booking over a limited period of time.
This is already a first filter, but if you wish, you can also activate an additional filter in your Preferences. This filter will allow your new patients to request an appointment, which has to be confirmed (or rejected) by your staff.
Appointments created by patients can only be booked in timeslots that you have opened for that purpose. Thus, the risk of a fake or a misunderstood appointment is higher over the phone, rather than through Medikal.ch.

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Can anyone access my availabilities and make an appointment ?

No, it is necessary that patients register by completing a form and logs in to access your calendar.

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Can I print my Medikal.ch calendar ?

Yes, both "daily" and "weekly" views. This allows you to have an additional (written) trace of your calendar, which you can take along with you.

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Is Medikal.ch secure ?

Yes, Medikal.ch uses the communication protocol HTTPS SSL 256-bit code to encrypt transactions, such as e-banking. This allows to exchange information between two computers safely.
Medikal.ch does not use cookies.

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Can Medikal.ch replace my assistant(s) ?

No, Medikal.ch is here to help your assistants and not to replace them. Medikal.ch allows them to instantly add appointments made over the phone directly to your calendar.
It has been observed that Medikal.ch can reduce the number of calls to your practice and therefore all the stress associated with telephone and calls on hold. Therefore, your assistant can devote their time to more important tasks, such as managing the office, welcoming patients and helping you. On top of this, Medikal.ch greatly reduces missed appointments and misunderstandings over the phone.

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I think that 65 CHF per month is too expensive !

With Medikal.ch you offer your patients a quality service which allows them to book an appointment at your mutual convenience.
Your calendar gets filled in smoothly and your patients don't forget their appointments anymore. In addition, your subscription can be terminated at any time, with only the current month due.
To simplify the process and reduce administrative costs, we usually issue a quarterly invoice.
With one or two less "no-show" per month, your Medikal.ch subscription already justifies itself !

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Other questions ?

Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the Contact page.

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What is the price of Medikal.ch ?

Medikal.ch is available on a subscription base, CHF 65.- per month (excl. VAT).
One subscription (one calendar) covers all doctor's needs, including unlimited number of appointments, patients, assistants or telesecretarial services whom the doctor grants access to.
SMS notifications to patients (reminders, cancellations, rescheduling) are available at a price of CHF 0.20 per SMS.

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