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From now on, I can find my practitioner and book my next appointment 24/7 from the convenience of my personal computer or mobile device. I just have to select an available timeslot that suits me and I get an instant confirmation and a reminder 1 day in advance. I can access all my previous and upcoming appointments in one place, and reschedule or cancel if my practitioner permits.

With, no more hassle, misunderstandings or forgotten appointments.

Calling my doctor's office and waiting on the phone for his assistant to respond can get quite frustrating especially for me who's not a phone person. Therefore, I was so glad when my doctor introduced the calendar in his practice. Managing my appointments has never been easier! I can book and reschedule whenever I want from any of my devices. No more phone calls. No more wasting my time. It's just so easy now!

Pierre S., patient

My physiotherapist recommended to use for my next session. I went online and found the perfect timeslot. I immediately received a confirmation in my email. Before, it was difficult to reach his practice for an appointment. Now with, it's very practical.

Carole G., patient